Video Guidelines



MMM accepts HARDWARE based artists’ and submissions… both modular and non-modular (synth & machine). I prefer DAWLESS. All performances must be live. NO DJ’IG.

Please send these files via Wetransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox using the following e-mail address:

Please record your video performance on your own time and at your convenience. This is not a live stream. Your video will be pre-recorded, submitted, and posted at a later date.

This gives you the flexibility to do multiple takes and present something you are happy with.

Your video performance will be promoted on our YouTube, Instagram, Website and any of our other platforms as we grow, with direct links to your personal music and social profiles.

You can record your video performance where ever you like. At your home studio or a location of your choosing. As long as there is enough light!

Compositions can be anywhere from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes.

Record with OBS or any other recording software using webcams or phones as camera sources. Avoid online and internet based recording so there is no lag. Aim for quality video without glitching and skipping.

If it is possible, try to set the camera angle so the audience can see both you and the equipment you are working with OR if you prefer not to be in the frame, try and have the camera closer above your hardware so people can watch what you are doing with your hands.

For a slightly more advanced video, you could use two cameras and have different angles shown throughout the recording (this is slightly more advanced, but not necessary. You can find resources on how to do this using OBS on YouTube).

Here are some links for setting up OBS on your computer. You can watch tutorials on YouTube. Search Youtube and the web for tutorials for your specific needs.

Your video dimensions should be set to fit on YouTube:

Resolution Name Quality
1920×1080 1080p Maximum Youtube video resolution for HD
1280×720 720p Minimum Youtube video resolution for HD
854×480 480p Standard definition
640×360 360p Traditional website resolution


Please use settings that make your video “web ready”. Avoid massive files.

Please send the video in color. It will be transformed to Black & White on my end.

Try your best to record with natural light, lamps and studio lighting rather than using drastic filters and special effect changes because they often reduce the video quality.

Good camera angle examples:


Above photos of escapekid :

Audio Guidelines


  • Record your audio with a direct line into your mixer or sound card interface and then into OBS (or other recording software).
  • Keep the video / audio file as one when you send to MMM.
  • If you have the skills, you can do a light MASTERING ON your audio (in ableton for example, but don’t send separate audio and video files.)
  • I will do a light mastering on the audio ourselves in order to obtain even gain levels, some basic limiting and compression (only if we feel it’s necessary).
  • Avoid clipping, allow for headroom in the mix.

Photo Guidelines


Your submission should include 3 Photos

Please send these files via Wetransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox using the following e-mail address:

Please take 2 artist photos outside or in interesting places holding a piece of your equipment or beside your piece of equipment (see example photos below). DO NOT take the photos in your studio or in your house. 1 portrait photo and 1 landscape photo. The photos should look similar. In the same place and in the same position. If you have a high enough quality camera, you can also simply crop the landscape photo to portrait size so the photos are identical.

Please take 1 gear/hardware photo: this photo should be landscape.

These photos need to be “web ready”, so please avoid sending large files. If you are using a DSLR, you likely will have to reduce the file size. Using a newer smart phone is recommended. If you don’t have one, try and find a friend who does!

Portrait dimensions: 1080 x 1350 pixels | 4:5 ratio

Landscape dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels | 16:9 ratio

Please do not edit the photo. No filters and no adjustments. Edits will be done on my side.

Please SEND IN COLOR. I will be editing the photo to black & white on my side.

Photos with natural light during the day or at night with flash are both acceptable.



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