Josef Kunz

Musical Style

Josef Kunz is a live performance techno artist known for his raw, driving sound and melodic grooves. Josef combines the use of analog synthesizers and drum machines to create a unique blend of moody harmonics and ominous industrial sounds. His high-energy live shows are a showcase of his technical abilities, as he intuitively  manipulates his gear to create a dynamic and immersive experience for his audiences. With a passion for experimentation and a dedication to the art of synthesis, Josef’s sounds are becoming increasingly impactful and dynamic.  He is certainly one to watch as he continues to evolve and grow in the industry.

Event Organizer

Since moving to Berlin in 2021, Josef has been heavily involved in organizing events, including collaborating with the Berlin Modular Society, a live performance collective in Berlin focused on creating a platform for emerging modular artists. He also started his own party series called “Raw Industries Berlin,” an event series focused on harder, more industrial live performance techno raves.

Digital & Print Magazine: Editor-in-Chief

In addition to organizing events, Josef has also established himself as a tastemaker in the industry with his digital platform and print magazine, “Modular Music Magazine.” The magazine and its accompanying Youtube channel showcase live performance electronic artists from around the world and has already featured collectives from Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Seoul, Korea. With his finger on the pulse of the industry, Josef’s work is not only pushing the boundaries of electronic music but also providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents. His work in the industry is still in the early stages, and there is much more to come from him yet.


Josef is a multifaceted electronic music artist with a diverse background in the arts. He first began his journey by hosting events in his Toronto studio space that showcased emerging fine artists from local art universities and colleges. He then started throwing illegal after-hours raves in neighboring punk hangouts, and in various other unusual and inspiring spaces.

Through these events and social connections, Josef discovered his passion for music production and was instantly hooked. In pursuit of furthering his production skills, Josef moved to Montreal to explore the art and music scene, seeking inspiration from French culture and nightlife. It wasn’t long after that he felt moving to techno’s mecca, Berlin, was the next logical step in his journey.

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